I’m Going To Phoenix!

I’m going to Phoenix tomorrow! My travelblogger senses are tingling.

I’ll be flying in for a training session happening in town, and I get to stay there until the 30th. I’m freaking stoked.

While I’ll be busy all day from 9-5, I’ll get to explore as much as I can at night. While I’m not sure whether I’ll be getting a rental car, I’ll still be able to stick to the city because of taxi’s and what have you.

Phoenix has great outdoor activities, but I just won’t have enough time to really appreciate them with a few hours of daylight. I’ll stick with the city.

Here’s a few things I want to do in downtown Phoenix.

Chase Field

I love baseball, so it would be nice to see an Arizona Diamondbacks game. I heard the stadium is breathtaking, and the team is actually really good. This tops the list for me.


This looks freaking amazing! It’s a movie theatre showing old cult-classics that doubles as a bar. My gosh, I’ve found something to do for two of my nights already.


I wanna get into the city and see what nightlife it has to offer. Perhaps friday night before I fly back? My goodness, it’s going to be tough. My flight back is at 8 in the morning, meaning I need to get to the airport way ahead of time.

What should I do in Phoenix? Does anyone else have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below 🙂




Getting Over Loneliness While Travelling

I was scared. It was my first trip being alone outside Maryland, and I didn’t know what to expect. My destination? Pittsburgh–Baltimore’s sworn enemy–for a film camp. I was going to learn how to become a better filmmaker or something.

I flew in to Pittsburgh, stumbled into a taxi (which lost its way like thirteen times), and had to barter with the driver to lower the rate because he spent 20 minutes basically asking everybody in town about where my destination was.

Then I walked into a room of about 90 people–all creatives–who looked intimidating. I was weird. I didn’t look like a creative person–I looked like the quarterback of the football team. These kids honestly didn’t look like they ever played a sport in their life. But they knew how to be creative. They knew graphic design, culinary, film, etc. I felt so out of place.

Pretty soon they placed us in groups to do some sort of ice-breaker thing, and all my insecurity went away. I was forced to talk, forced to get outside my comfort zone. I was forced to be myself. Pretty soon I made friends, did things with those friends, and I still see them to this day on my Newsfeed every now and then.

I learned something on that trip. If you want to beat loneliness while travelling, there’s a few things you MUST do.

  1. Thrust yourself into the fray – Attend an event and get around people. Go to Meetup.com and find out about a few things you can do! This is so much easier than walking into a bar and trying to strike up a conversation with someone cold. At events people are there to socialize. They want to be talked to!
  2. Be yourself – Just trust it. Trust that your joke is going to make everyone laugh. Trust that you’ll find something about somebody else that’s captivating. Trust that it’s going to be an incredible experience–and it will be! You have friends back home that love you, and there’s bound to be people there that’ll love you too.
  3. Take chances – Take some chances, dammit. Get some balls and go talk to some people. Sometimes it’s literally as simple as that.
  4. Play to your strengths – I love sports. One time I made a few friends after asking to join a volleyball game on the beach. Since playing sports is more comfortable to me, it helped me to calm down and ask to play.
  5. Be open – The flip side to playing to your strengths is to just be open. Walk into every situation with positivity. Don’t necessarily keep thinking about making friends, just focus on being yourself, having fun, and make natural comments when they come to you.
  6. Get distracted – Call your friends, skype somebody, or watch a movie. Get your mind off the fact that you’re out on your own and that might help give you a boost in confidence.
  7. Realize that loneliness isn’t a bad thing – Loneliness doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you! Sometimes being lonely is good. We get to sit with our thoughts and listen to ourselves for a moment. It helps us to reset. Now you have all that time to write, explore, or take pictures of wherever you’re at.

Those are a few ways I get over loneliness myself. How do you get over it while travelling? Feel free to comment below!


2 Months Until My Road Trip

It’s now exactly two months until I’ll be going on my road trip. Freaking A.

I’ll be departing Orlando and cutting west across the country to cities like New Orleans, Austin, Tucson, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and finally San Francisco.

I’m most excited for New Orleans and San Francisco and I’m not so sure about Tucson. What’s there to do in Tucson, anyway? Maybe I’ll find out when I get there.

With that said I better start putting some things in motion if I’m going to really get this going. One of the things I need to do is launch my blog already and buy hosting. I hope to do that by the end of this month.

Here are my goals:

  • 200 Followers by June 6th. Stretch goal – 300 Followers
  • Buy hosting by May
  • Start an email list by May
  • Begin a Facebook page/social media pages by May

I’m so dead set on this. Wish me luck.

Planning My Road Trip

Ugh, this is pretty difficult I must say. For those of you just tuning in, I’m planning to travel from Orlando to Los Angeles this summer. In my car. It’s going to be glorious.

I’ve decided I’ll rely pretty heavily on couch surfing, and I’ll break my trip up into small bits, stopping at bigger cities along the way.

From Orlando to Los Angeles, here are the cities I’ll be stopping at:

  • New Orleans
  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • El Paso
  • Tucson
  • Phoenix

Some are longer in distance than the other. For instance, San Antonio is just two hours from Houston, but New Orleans is 8 hours from Orlando. It’s a choppy way to break it up, but I think it’ll work.

The Numbers

Miles: 2,507
Hours: 35
Days: 34
Departure: June 6
Arrival: July 10

My first day of the trek will be an eight hour drive to New Orleans. I’ll really be “out here,” so to speak, and I’ll get to meet my first couch surfing host then. I plan on cooking them dinner every night and helping them do chores around the house! Really anything they want me to do, I’ll do.


For pacing, I should be travelling 73 miles per day, but that doesn’t matter because I’ll be driving from city to city.

As for what to expect, I really don’t know what to expect. Each city is just a name to me, I don’t have the slightest clue what they’re really like. But I’ll do research in the coming days!

Return Journey

I don’t even have a plan for the return journey. I want to go camping a lot out west and stuff, but I still don’t know. It’s just going to be one crazy American adventure.

I’ll leverage Airbnb every now and then, but I’ll try to keep that to a minimum.

Why Los Angeles?

Oh, and why LA do you ask? It’s because I’m going to meet my best friends for a reunion in Disney Land, which I’ll write about in the blog as well.

That’s what I got done today! It’s nice to have some sort of plan moving forward. Thanks for reading!