Why Our Phones Are Basically The Devil

They are, though.

I’ll never forget my junior year Graphic Design class. My teacher, who was a short, curly headed, succinct-sentence-sayer, liked to preach to the class all the time.

He’d touch on politics, design, and basically how much my generation sucks (I don’t blame him). One day he got up in front of the class and shifted into a tirade about how we need to leave our phones and technology at home sometimes.

With hand motions getting more violent, he explained how much our psyche is wrapped up in these stupid little squares, and how we’re not experiencing the world around us enough.

At first I didn’t think much of what he was saying–he just sounded like the typical millenial-hating wack job who wishes for the earlier days–but lately I’ve realized just how right he was.

I challenged myself to not look at my phone today and my mind felt so much clearer. I actually started noticing my surroundings so much more, and I got lost in my thoughts about my future, past, and present.

It was amazing.

My personal thought is that our phones constantly interrupt our mind and thoughts, just like an annoying friend who interrupts us when we utter more than two sentenes.

It’s not natural. We’re constantly pre-occupied with things, and we move at the speed of light on our phones. It’s like we’re hooked on this constant stimulation.

Whatever happened to peace and quiet? Whatever happened to giving our minds a much-needed break to focus on whatever it wanted?

Our phones are the devil because it distracts us from the present, and never gives our mind a break. In many ways our phones are the biggest addiction we have.

This has all been said before, but, for the sake of at least one person reading this, I’ve decided to write it anyway.

Who’s with me?


Author: tk1208

Currently living in Orlando, Fl. Full-time copywriter, freelance writer, journalist, and blogger.

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