The Story About My Resume Gaff

It was my junior year, I needed to get a job, and I was determined to find one.

I decided I would go to a job fair fifteen minutes away, and being the crazy person I am I researched the hell out of it before. I knew which companies I’d talk to, the story behind those companies, and the contacts I’d see at the event.

I wrote pages of notes.

I was so ready–until I got in my car to drive there. I got nervous, and when I got to the big auditorium I was intimidated. All these other business professionals were in their suits walking around, smiling, networking.

I started walking around the room. “Here’s the one you want, Tom,” I said in my head as I came up to the one company that caught my eye from my research. But, like the awesome networking professional that I am, I walked right past them.

I made more laps around that room than a Nascar driver, and just as the beads of sweat started to fall off my face into my eyes, I left the room.

My goodness, what was wrong with me? “They’re just people!” I thought. I guess I was just scared to get turned down.

The business world always seemed so fake to me, and it was in those moments that I realized the professional atmosphere wasn’t for me. I had gone to school to do something I was now realizing I didn’t want to do. My problem with it wasn’t the work itself–it was the idea that we act like something we’re not in the office all in the name of maintaining “professionalism.” It’s a show.

Whatever. I got back in the room, set my sites on one of the companies I liked, then introduced myself. After handing the woman my resume I saw a sour look shoot across her face. “What is it now?” I thought.

“Umm, I hate to be the one to show this to you, but you have a spelling error on here,” she said.

Literally. The. One. Thing.

I was devastated, obviously. How could I research the heck out of an event and forget to spell check my own resume? I was never one for details.

I walked directly out of the event, got in my car, and swore that I was going to start my own business one day.

Do any of you have any embarrasing professional tales? Feel free to share them below–I doubt it can get any worse than this.




Author: tk1208

Currently living in Orlando, Fl. Full-time copywriter, freelance writer, journalist, and blogger.

One thought on “The Story About My Resume Gaff”

  1. I once was in a similar situation, and said “Thank you for pointing the error out I shall get that corrected, obviously I am not going to be a perfect employee but I accept criticism, work to correct my mistakes and get along well with coworkers. Do you think you could be of any help?”


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