Why Finn Is The Best New Star Wars Character

It’s time for a fun post. This is definitely a departure for my blog, so I hope ya’ll like it.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was fantastic, and it introduced us to a lot of new characters, but none stood out to me more than Finn. I think he’s the best new Star Wars character.

What about Rey? What about Poe? What about Kylo? Oh man, they’re all fantastic characters, but none of them are better than Finn. Here’s why.



Finn’s Got Serious Pizzazz

Is that even how you spell “pizzazz?” Oh, whatever. Finn is easily the most animated EP7 character. It seems like he’s constantly witnessing a nuclear bomb going off because his eyes are always wide open and he never once throughout the film seems to catch his breath.

He’s a big ball of energy, and he lights up the screen every time we see him.


He’s Got Heart

This is one of the better reasons. He’s a stormtrooper who decides that he doesn’t want to be a mindless killing machine for the First Order anymore. He has a redeeming sense of right and wrong, and he uses that to join the Resistance later in the film.


He also goes to Starkiller base JUST to capture Rey. Can they be together at the end of it all, please? Finally, he takes up Luke’s lightsaber to defend Rey while she’s passed out and ends up becoming badly injured because of it, which leads to my next point..

He’s Got Balls

Who the heck takes on Kylo Ren without any lightsaber training? FINN DOES.

Who in their right mind would abandon post and fly an unsanctioned tie fighter out of their home star destroyer? FINN.

Who would call Han Solo, “Solo?” FINN.

I rest my case.


He’s A Force To Be Reckoned With

He is, though. He’s been trained as a stormtrooper his whole life, and managed to nick Kylo Ren with Luke’s lightsaber with no training. He also learned how to operate the guns on a tie fighter in like twenty three seconds. Boss status.


Finn, you’re my favorite new character, and you’re (John Boyega) also a riot behind the scenes as well. You are my new favorite Star Wars character, and in my opinion, you’re the best one as well.










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