Tommy Does Easter In Disney

Today, at 12:19 p.m., I decided I was going to Disney World.

Easter at Disney seemed very appealing–mostly because it was such a beautiful day. Sundays always have a different feel to them anyway. The air always seems different–more fresh–and the sun always seems a little more bright. I don’t know, that’s just me.

So I put on my sunday best and got out to Hollywood Studios. My main motivation was to take a picture at the restaurant I used to work at before they tear it down.


It was a little sad walking up knowing it was the last time I’d see it just like that. All things change, though. What are you gonna do?

And why be sad when I got to ride Tower of freaking Terror! Easily my second favorite ride in all of Disney (Space Mountain is just too boss). I got to take some cool pictures while I waited in the queue, so I was a happy guy.


Then it was time to go to Studio Catering Company and sign my name on the wall. I’m happy I got to do it, it helped me have some closure on the whole ordeal, but it was still kind of tough. Ugh, enough of this sadness already.


Nostalgia is tough. I looked at the people behind the counter knowing every round of CP’s here had a different experience. We are all connected though, by this building.


We got to go to Epcot as well, which was incredible. The two parks weren’t that crowded despite it being Easter, which is something I was surprised by.


Honestly I’m super exhausted, and don’t have much to say about my trip. Disney World is a PARK first and foremost, and parks are where people walk around and enjoy the scenery. And that’s why I think it was my favorite Disney experience in almost a year. We walked around, got a drink or two, and ate some really good food, but didn’t kill ourselves to get on rides every five minutes.

Original Maryland flag for the Maryland boy.

I was thinking just how much my view of Disney has changed. It’d be a lie to say that I haven’t gotten a little used to it, but that’s what happens when you go so much. But Disney is always going to be magical.

One day I can’t wait to take my kids here and walk down mainstreet with them. Their eyes will light up with wonder, and I know for a fact it’ll be one of my favorite moments as a parent. I’ll be able to tell them I worked here. I’ll tell them who my favorite character is (it’s not Goofy). I’ll tell them of all my incredible stories working with two of my best friends in the world. And my children will know those two very, very well.

Disney might have lost a little magic via my walks backstage, working here, and going to the parks more than occasionally, but through that it gained new magic. I will always be so proud to have worked for the greatest company in the world. I know that the cast members we interact with have busy, stressful lives outside of work, but they find ways to forget about that and make our days here simply fantastic. And, in a way, that’s much more magical than any of the effects, rides, or shows at Walt Disney World itself.

Happy Easter guys.




Author: tk1208

Currently living in Orlando, Fl. Full-time copywriter, freelance writer, journalist, and blogger.

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