New Orleans: 10 Things I Want To Do

Okay, as of now I’ll be staying in New Orleans for six and a half days, but I’ll be working for five of them.

How the heck am I going to see the city when I’ll be working so much?

In short, waking up early, doing things after 5 p.m., and working in the city itself. Sounds simple. We’ll see how it goes.

As for when I’m not working, here are just a few things I want to do around New Orleans.

  1. The Swamp – I gotta see this. Dr. Wagners Honey Island Swamp Tours are $15 per person, and last about two hours.
  2. Morning Run At City Park
  3. Rent a Bike – I fully plan to rent a bike and spend three whimsical hours navigating my way around ‘NALUNS, perhaps during the evening as the sun sets? It’d be beautiful.
  4. Go To Church – I think I’ll go to church down here. I hear it’s pretty mezmorizing.
  5. Have Gumbo – Yep, I’m gonna have the best damn gumbo this city has to offer, and lick the bowl clean.
  6. Coffee at Cafe Du Monde – I hear this place in the French Quarter is bomb.
  7. Dinner at Commander’s Palace – They’re world famous, and you have to wear a dinner jacket. Double points.
  8. Get A Shave At Aidan Gill For Men – I’ve never gotten a straight razor shave before, and I hear they finish with a whiskey. I think I’ll get my first in New Orleans from these guys.
  9. Visit Faulker House Books – This place has a list of books that are Louisiana-related. I love books, too. This is one of the things I’m most looking forward to.
  10. Purchase Some Art From “A Gallery For Fine Photography”

Well, there you have it. There’s a few more things I want to do as far as nightlife is concerned, but that’s a good start. Again, I leave in June 🙂

Did I miss anything? Is there anything else you know of that I should visit? Let me know in the comments below!


Author: tk1208

Currently living in Orlando, Fl. Full-time copywriter, freelance writer, journalist, and blogger.

3 thoughts on “New Orleans: 10 Things I Want To Do”

  1. New Orleans is the most interesting city in the US, in my opinion! Swamp tour, bike ride, church visit–go to St. Louis Cathedral (across the street from Cafe du Monde), if you only visit one–gumbo, coffee at Cafe du Monde–ugh, beignets at Cafe du Monde!–& Commanders Palace are all good choices. Do not miss having a muffaletta at Central Grocery (just down the street from Cafe du Monde). And if you have time, listen to some music on Frenchman’s Street. Have fun!


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