Wake Up And Follow Your Dreams

Listen. And I don’t mean listen to me, I mean listen to yourself–your thoughts. Where do they wander off to while you’re zoning out with your friends? Where do you see yourself in the future?

What are your wildest dreams?

I’m channeling my inner Shia here so bear with me.

I ask because you need to listen to these thoughts. You need to stop shoving them away in the name of logic and really start thinking that they’re attainable. If you could work anywhere, where would that be?

Would you want to work at Google? I know I would definitely consider it! Would you want to work at NASA? At Apple? Would you want to start your own business?

It gets us excited to think about the possibilities. For once we feel like we can break down the barriers separating us from our deepest desires, that is until our boss dumps a stack of papers on our desk to sift through.

But think about this for a second: What do all the innovators have in common? What did they do differently?

They challenged the status quo. They were themselves.

I’m not writing this for people who are happy. I’m writing this for people who are upset, tired, and unhappy. Can’t life be more than just a damn desk job? Can’t life be more than just making thousands of dollars a year to buy a house and a car?

Can’t life be about doing whatever we want?

Yes. It can.

In a world consumed by the unemployment rate, wouldn’t it be nice to rise above it and not only get employed, but do something that’s going to make you high jump out of bed in the morning?

How the hell can we do this?

By getting creative!

Who do you have to meet to make shit happen for yourself?

Sell yourself. Write that letter of introduction. Cold call and ask for the damn owner. Flaunt your opinions. Fail.

Just get on with it already. There’s a sea of people believing everything they hear without challenging it. Don’t just apply for that job. Walk into the damn building yourself and ask to hand your resume to the hiring manager in person.

Strike up a conversation with ANYONE. You never know who they are or what they know. Get creative.

Do this and watch the world change around you.


Author: tk1208

Currently living in Orlando, Fl. Full-time copywriter, freelance writer, journalist, and blogger.

4 thoughts on “Wake Up And Follow Your Dreams”

  1. Great Article….! What I did was resign from my job last year….12 April 2015 was my last day at work. On 26 April I created my business which is educating children in two sectors: space travel AND technology. And now I wake up everyday doing the stuff I LOVE and enjoy! Why spend your life doing stuff you hate when you can live a life doing stuff you love? Most people know what they love because they talk about it ALL THE TIME. The trouble is taking the jump. It might be hard – at first – like a new born foal trying to walk! You are going to fall, you are going to make mistakes…but soon you will get the hang of it and running free will just part of your everyday experience.

    At the same time I travel – take photos – and write about it! The hard part was making that decision, creating a strategic plan and doing something about it! Even if you start small….at least you are doing something in your life YOU LOVE! AWESOME Article again….very inspiring!

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