I Want To Go To The Skellig Islands

Long story short: I’m a massive Star Wars fan. For anybody that’s seen The Force Awakens, you’ll know that Rey meets Luke Skywalker at the first Jedi Temple right before the movie ends.

The temple is this towering island in the middle of the sea. When Rey arrives in the Millenium Falcon, she climbs these stairs all the way to the top, where we finally see Luke Skywalker after more than thirty years.


I obviously geeked out hard after seeing this scene, but I geeked out even more when I realized that this is an actual place–and it’s in Ireland, which is, oh I don’t know, the first place I want to travel to.

In a future blog post I’ll talk about why I want to go to Ireland so bad, but for now I’ll talk about how I’m actually going to set foot on Skellig Michael, the only one you can physically visit.

First of all, “The Skellig Experience,” a center dedicated to informing the public about the Skellig islands, only offers boat rides without landing. This means you can’t even step foot on Skellig Michael.


They do list a couple “private boatman” you can contact that will whisk you over there for 60 euro. It’s a pretty steep price, but they let you spend a good three to four hours on the island–and you get to have an experience that not many others have had.

And, for me, I get to see where they filmed Star Wars!


You can visit the website here in case you were looking to go to The Skellig Islands or are just a little curious!

I’m not going to lie I’ve wanted to go to Ireland for a long time, but after I saw that The Skellig Islands were there I got even more serious about it.

For a little history, it was the site of a Christian monastery founded somewhere in the 6th to 8th century, and it was recently named a “World Heritage Site” in 1996. It’s truly a unique place in the world, and it’s probably what I’m looking forward to the most about my trip to Ireland.




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