How Much Is A 360 Camera?

How much is a 360 camera? I’ve been seeing videos shot with them all over the place lately. There’s 360 videos of people skydiving, cayaking, driving, and even flying jets. To be honest I kind of want one for my own adventure; I think it would be really interactive for my audience–if I ever get one!

So, where do I even begin?


The other day I saw a V.360 camera at this store called The Curl. They said it was $450, but on Amazon it’s priced around $350. I’ve read a few reviews online and unfortunately this camera doesn’t shoot 4K video, which is apparently a huge letdown or something.

One of the cooler ones is the Ricoh Theta, which shoots 1080p HD video and has the ability to livestream. Livestream 360 degree video? That’s crazy. The best part is it’s priced at $350.


For the sake of keeping this post short, I’m gonna just stop there. I’ll be spending around $350 to be able to shoot 1080p HD video.

Think of all the possibilities! I could live stream video to my sure to be loyal audience when I take trips in the mountains or go to a local coffeeshop. Wowzers.


Author: tk1208

Currently living in Orlando, Fl. Full-time copywriter, freelance writer, journalist, and blogger.

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