I Need A Passport

It just occured to me–I need a passport. 

It’s square one. The first step. Dreaming about travelling abroad with no passport is like trying out for football without pads.

There’s a plethora of things I need to figure out before I embark on my grand adventure, but if I’m really serious about it I need to get that little blue book.

So how do I do it?

I actually got my first passport when I was 12, but since it’s expired I need to get it renewed. Luckily there’s a website dedicated to helping people get their passport:


Since my old passport wasn’t issued after I turned 16, I have to physically apply for one in person. The cost of a new book is $110, the renewal fee is $25, and the cost to get my picture taken is $10. My gosh, that’s nearly $150.

I will tell you this: When I get my passport, I’m gonna plaster a picture of it all over this blog. When I get my passport that’s when I’ll know it’s serious.

That little blue book is my key to the world. And I’m going to get it.


Author: tk1208

Currently living in Orlando, Fl. Full-time copywriter, freelance writer, journalist, and blogger.

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